About Cyber Apps World

CYAP is dedicated to licensing a worldwide ecommerce internet platform for the purchase and sale of products and services by way of mobile/computer applications and is developing its first App "News My Way," an advanced, customizable personal News gathering application for worldwide release on the Cyber Apps World proprietary E-Commerce Platform "All News My Way".


ALL NEWS MY WAY makes it easy for its users to find coupons and promotional discounts on products and merchandise from thousands of stores and brands every day.  ALL NEWS MY WAY offers amazing discounts on all types of products, be it for household, grocery, clothing, shoes, electronics, laptops, digital cameras or anything else. Shoppers can scan more than 30,000 coupons and special bargains from stores in over 35 categories, updated every day.


One of the leading priorities for shoppers is to find great savings while shopping. Sometimes it becomes too hectic trying to find the best coupons and deals across various stores and categories.


One APP, one location, to find coupons and savings at ALL your favorite stores – and even at stores you didn’t know you could get coupons from. We work with our merchant partners and scour the web to create a true one-stop shop for savings. Whether you're looking for a grocery coupon, restaurant coupon or a free sample, we have it for you.


We make it easy - We have everything you need to save money in one mobile app for savings on-the-go.


ALL NEWS MY WAY will initially derive revenue from two sources. There are no fees for Subscribers. 

  1. Coupon Processing/Commission – Retailers pay a fee to ALL NEWS MY WAY for each coupon redeemed.  For ALL NEWS MY WAY users who purchase an item directly and processed via ALL NEWS MY WAY, the seller provides a commission for the sale to ALL NEWS MY WAY.
  2. Retailer Paid Coupon Placement – Retailers will pay a fee for posting of coupons to ALL NEWS MY WAY.