10 secrets you didn't know about extreme couponing

There are different ways to make saving a great amount of money with coupons. TV shows like TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” demonstrate how extreme couponer Stacy Fout of Lavon, Texas, saves up to $600 per month for her family at the grocery store. “There have been weeks where I can get everything we need with like $30 — the milk, the bread, stuff like that,” she said. 

It became a lifestyle for her and a game in which she saves on money. “I know I’ll never have to pay for toothpaste again. I know I’ll never have to pay more than three cents a load for my laundry detergent again, because I know how to work the deals to get that.”

How did Fout reach her desirable balance of effort vs. reward? Learn more about big savings with extreme couponing.

1. You have to renounce brand loyalty. Saving more money means buying whatever brand is featured in the coupons you have on hand.

2. Only several “regular” shoppers take advantage of offered coupon savings. 

3. Use your coupons every tyme you shop. According to Inmar’s report, only 20 percent of consumers do it. 

4. Don’t pay more when You know how to pay less with coupons!

5. Gather your coupons in different ways. Use an average of 5.8 methods to find coupons. Online, that includes coupon websites, brand websites, retailer websites, search engines and social media.

6. Printed coupons still work. Even with the growing popularity of digital coupons, 70 % of shoppers still use print-based coupons such as those in the Sunday paper, according to an April 2015 study.

7. Food companies and grocery stores love couponers. Coupons are the cheapest advertising for food manufacturers, and grocery stores that accept them.

8. Savvy couponers know that prices at shops aren’t always the bottom line. Stores usually try to attract shoppers looking for a good deal by marking sale items with unlikely high “original prices” to make the current price seem like a better deal.

9. Score more coupons by being a supportive fan. Manufacturers and stores will often send you coupons when you follow them on social media, sign up for their newsletters or join their brand clubs.

10.You can learn couponing techniques in college. Study the principles of extreme couponing in classes from colleges like Jackson State University.