Save your money with coupons

Most people think that using coupons is a waste of time, because you can save some cents per a deal. But it is not true. And I will prove it in this article!

Once I decided to use coupons in the grocery store for the first time. When the coupons were scanned I was shocked, I saved $80! Original total: $100, savings $80 (80 percent) and only $20 out of pocket. How did I do it?

Keep your coupons in one place

Three years ago, as a young mom living on one income, I had to save money at the grocery store and stockpile necessities like pampers. I clipped coupons from newspapers, magazines or local fliers which came to my mail. I had a place where I piled all my coupons up, using envelopes. Also I was looking for necessary coupons on such websites:




The ways you can save money with coupons:

At the grocery store

Every day you visit the grocery store. The best way to save money is to budget them on products and necessities of life. I saved a great deal of money matching coupons with "loss leaders" those which have greater discounts they feature in their ads to attract your attantion. I have bought jars of Ragu spaghetti sauce for $0,50, bags of brand-name diapers for $4, Gerber baby food for $0,20 cents a jar. They make some other good offers.

Eat and save money

When you have birthday you can not only have a break from the kitchen, but also save money as many restaurants offer free food for your birthday.Also, many restaurants offer "Kids eat free" nights each week you can usually get two free kiddie meals with the purchase of one adult entree.

Get discounts on car maintenance

You can sign up for the mailing of the local franchises and dealerships coupons and save $10 or more off the usual cost of an oil change.

Swap with friends

When you have coupons for things you don't use, you can make a local coupon exchange. Get together with a few friends once a month, clip all the coupons you can find and swap the coupons you don't need for your friends. You can also find coupon exchanges online, including one at couponless.com.

Use online coupon codes

I never make a deal without 10 to 20% off. Check out the Points & Prizes blog for coupon codes, freebies and contest links, updated daily. You can also visit amazing-bargains.com for a list of thousands of coupon codes for online stores.

Save your money by couponing and soon you'll become much richer!