The Core Company Values

Be Bold: Take Action – Drive Success. A true champion will not shy away from a challenge. Think outside the box and author a new chapter. Empower yourself and those around you.

Foster Relationships and Deliver Positive Results: Make real connections with partners, customers, teammates and the end consumer. Own your impact on the business every single day know that success is the natural byproduct.

Hyper Focused on Customer Experience: While we follow this guiding principle, individually and collectively, the journey we take will reveal itself. Innovate, reiterate, improve and repeat.

- Steps of evolution

1. Determine Growth Markets / Verticals

Analyze extensive data, highest profitability potential, best and best opportunities.

2. Identify Merger and Acquisition Candidates

Proactively identify M&A candidates that could potentially meet or exceed strategic financial growth objectives.

3. Make an Educated Decision, Go/No-Go

Highly profitable organizations are derived from data-driven decision making, followed by tenacity and fortitude.

From 'High Potential' to 'Highly Profitable'


Cyber Technologies Go to Market Strategy

Cyber Apps acquires or develops innovative and scalable cyber technologies with the intention of spinning off these assets as separate subsidiaries that subsequently apply to become independent, trading companies. All Cyber Apps shareholders will directly receive shares in these subsidiaries that are proportional to their percentage interest in the stock of Cyber Apps. 

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Meet the Directors


Mohammed Irfan Rafimiya Kazi has acted as our President, CEO, CFO, and as a director since March 10, 2020. From January 2012 to February 2020, Mr. Kazi acted as a website developer and technical manager for various companies, including Nuclear Power Corporation of India, E-Digix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and Virtual Height IT Services Pvt. Ltd., all of which are based in India. He earned a Bachelor of Computer Application degree from Farah Institute of Computer Science in Hyderabad in 2003. 

Kateryna Malenko has acted as our secretary and as a director since November 2, 2018. She has been self-employed as an independent sales and business development consultant since 2011. In June 2011, Ms. Malenko graduated from Kharkiv Business Academy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. After graduation, she took an additional course in programming and website development at Kiev State Polytechnical University in 2015 and 2016. In 2011, Ms. Malenko was working as a junior business consultant at MMS Group LTD, Kiev, Ukraine and then a project manager for the same company.