Angel Funding

Early stage funding and support for founders to bring concepts to reality

Venture Capital Investment

Engaging strategic funding for launch and growth through marketing

Long Term Value Creation

Management of assets to bring realization of value for investors at IPO


Cyber Apps World focuses on strategic investments for cutting edge startups to help them take their products from concept to reality. We specialize in working with founders to develop advanced software platforms that can revolutionize markets. Cyber Apps World provides more than just early stage investment. We work with founders to optimize the entire process of taking technology to market. From agreement, our team collaborates with founders to document, architect, and ready products for launch. Managing the funding budget, finding competitive execution partners for development, and ensuring that timelines are met as the project is delivered. Cyber Apps World’s global approach builds in efficiency to streamline the process of realizing complex technological goals. This means a more aggressive timeline for release can be achieved and that founders are able to retain more control over their business. The Platform has been developed to operate on iOS, Android and Website. After the USA, Cyber Apps World will launch in an additional 9 countries within 5 months. This rapid expansion is due to the unique manner in which the entire system is designed.


Cyber Apps World has created launch strategies for our investments to maximize success. Our understanding of advanced technology and revolutionary software solutions provides an advantage in reaching the right market.

Ahead of launch, Cyber Apps World partners with international Venture Capital (VC) to ensure that the correct level of funding is in place to drive early success in line with potential.

An integrated approach to investment and development means we can prepare marketing materials, test responses and refine messaging to reach the correct audience. Rather than using a dated, multi-stage launch process that delays progress, we build VC relationships early for a competitive advantage that brings forward the point of revenue realization and creates stronger businesses.


Faster iteration and better marketing bring early revenue and helps create scalable, sale-able assets for Cyber Apps World and our VC partners. Our goal with investments is to create sustainable businesses that can stand-alone and achieve success. The Cyber Apps World strategy for business modeling is based on developing revenue positive businesses that do stand alone and achieve the point of IPO faster. This means that returns on investment at all stages of the funding process can be achieved quicker and creates long term strength in our portfolio. Cyber Apps World is creating a new paradigm for investment that creates real value for businesses and supports investors better.