The new Online shopping experience. is an online market platform that helps locals with buying and selling items in their own neighborhood/city/town/local just like in a local Bazaar.
We want to bring a new era to online Garage/Personal item sales within a neighborhood. Our goal is to be one of the most influential platforms you can find in bringing value to the marketplace.
Initially, we are focused on local markets and help people get the best value for what they sell and buy.

Considering the high competitiveness of the market, will differentiate itself by offering a friendlier application for its orders, as well as a cost-effective solution for every sale that is made. We are and will always be a customer-oriented company and we will try to deliver the best service to our subscribers! will generate its income from three streams.

Our developers will incorporate paid advertisements on the website. Consequently, revenue will be generated when people see/click the ad.
Another method that will generate revenue is by charging its sellers a nominal fee every time they sell an item on our website. This method will take its course in the following months where, every seller will have the ability to make a monthly or yearly subscription, to try and sell their products. The fee gathered will become directly company revenue.
The third method that will generate revenue is by allowing its users to post any product/advertisement they want for free, and then when the transaction occurs will keep a fee of the price to itself, thus generating revenue.