Summary of the offering:

Maximum number of Shares offered: 3,750,000

Current offering Price per Free Trading Share: $0.40

Maximum Dollar amount for this round: $1,500,000

Following are the steps you will need to complete in order to successfully acquire Free Trading shares under the Reg A.

1-Read the Reg A

2-Read a draft of all documents you will need to sign

3-Setup a temporary account

4-Receive a link to sign into your secure account

5-Answer questions that will Auto fill the documents read

6-Sign these documents by typing your name

7-Make the payment for your subscription

8-You will receive via email documents which you previously typed your name in. Sign them and email them back to the email address from which the documents were received.

9-The company Transfer Agent will mail you your certificate or maintain it as a Book Entry based on your preference. The Book Entry will allow you to electronically transfer shares to your Brokerage Account via DWAC/DRS.