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Cyber Apps acquires or develops innovative and scalable cyber technologies with the intention of spinning off these assets as separate subsidiaries that subsequently apply to become independent, trading companies. All Cyber Apps shareholders will directly receive shares in these subsidiaries that are proportional to their percentage interest in the stock of Cyber Apps. This means that as long as you own shares of CYAP, you would then also continue to receive shares of WarpSpeedTaxi and other future acquisitions direction in your name without any additional cost.

It is important to understand that these are the current intentions of the company and these arrangements are subject to regulatory approvals.

Cyber Apps World’s business model is to incubate innovative and scalable applications and prepare them for launch. During this period, Cyber Apps will go through the regulatory process to qualify these companies to be publicly traded and put together an experienced team to launch and develop the cyber technology assets to market. All the while, shareholders of Cyber Apps remain shareholders of these exciting companies.

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