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The next generation ride-hailing.

WarpSpeedTaxi combines ride-hailing, as well as food, grocery, and courier delivery all into one application. The service will be more affordable to both customers and business all the while creating a much larger target market for drivers.

WarpSpeedTaxi customers will have the opportunity of not only hiring a ride through a smartphone-based app, but also being able to use the extra feature of delivery.

In less than a decade, ride-hailing has established itself as a major industry, and one which operators have used as a framework for other transportation opportunities, such as food delivery, freight shipping, and self-driving. In this respect, WarpSpeedTaxi will not only offer ride-hailing for passenger transportation, but also offer delivery services for individuals and corporate customers, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and couriers.

A ride-hailing service is the next generation of taxi services. It provides travelers with convenient door-to-door transport, leveraging smart mobility platforms to connect drivers with passengers, and letting drivers use their personal vehicles. With ride-hailing, like in a traditional taxi service, drivers provide a ride for a fee. However, ride-hailing offers additional capabilities, such as efficient pricing tools, matching platforms, and rating systems.

Market Opportunity WarpSpeedTaxi is intended to be a world wide application, and after the launch in the USA, it will then expand to other markets, including Europe, Canada, Australia and others.

Global Ride Hailing and Taxi Market According to Statista (2020), the Global Ride Hailing and Taxi market is projected to reach USD 162,828 million in 2020 registering 1,437.9 million users, with an expected annual growth of 18.8% from 2020-2025, resulting in a projected market value of USD 385,942 million by 2025. WarpSpeedTaxi, an all-around win-win platform.