A Real-Time price comparison website. Smartsavenow’s mission statement is to provide the lowest real-time price on all consumer items offered for sale through its website. Customers will have the confidence that when shopping online with, they will not have to price compare at multiple websites for an item. The website will launch in the USA with over 25 million items and provide customers real-time prices from websites like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, EBay, Target, and others, guaranteeing the lowest price for an item at that particular time. In the USA, Smartsavenow intends to be approved by over 90 sellers including Amazon, Nordstrom and Home Depot. The platform is being developed to operate on iOS, Android, and on personal computers. After entering the US market, Smartsavenow intends to launch in an additional nine countries within five months. These countries will include Canada, the UK, France, Germany, and Australia. Smartsavenow intends to be approved by over 500 sellers. This would result in a potential market of over 645 million people. Cyber App’s ability to rapidly deploy and expand Smartsavenow’s operations is due to the unique manner in which the entire system is designed.